Thursday, July 30, 2015

Conversation with My Son

Parker: Mommy, where did you go?

Me: I went to the store.

Parker [getting excited]: The pet store??

Me: No, I went to the hardware store.

Parker: No, that's a DADDY store. Not a Mommy store. 

Me [finding this ironic because he goes to the hardware store with me 95% of the time]: Mommies can go to the hardware store too. 

Parker: NO, Mommy! The hardware store is a DADDY store. All the other stores are Mommy stores. 

Me: I can go to all the other stores?

Parker: Yes, all the other stores are Mommy stores. The hardware store is a DADDY store. And the pet store is a Mommy AND a Daddy store. 

[pause]  Okay, ONE Mommy can go to the hardware store. Just one Mommy. 

Me: Just one? 

Parker: Yes, only MY Mommy can go. None of the other mommies. 

Me: Oh, okay. Thank you.

Parker: Shhhhh! There is a tiger in my closet!

And so goes a typical conversation with a three year old. We then moved on to an analysis of the best way to capture the tiger in his closet. 

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Terrible Threes

Yes, we have hit the terrible threes. I vaguely remember going through this stage with Ainsley. You know, the age where your angelic child has teenage-like mood swings and changes into a raging psychopath because you didn't give them the right color cup? Yep - we are totally there. My cute-as-a-button little boy has turned into an a-hole. Sure, I still get some moments of adorable cuteness. But more often than not, I'm holding my breath and waiting for the meltdown to occur. 

So I apologize if you've seen my son in public lately - it's not a pretty sight. One minute he is helping push the grocery cart, and the next minute he is sprawled on the floor in the middle of the aisle screaming because the Spiderman fruit snacks are in a BLUE box, not a RED box. 

On Friday we decided to take the kids to a baseball game. Pretty awesome, right? He was excited until we got to the seats and he realized we were going to try to feed him. Yes, we had the audacity to offer him things like french fries, popcorn, peanuts, and even Doritos. Nope - he wanted none of these things and made sure everyone two sections over knew of his displeasure. 

Why, mom?! WHY would you do this to me?!

And WHY won't you let me kick the people sitting in front of us?!?

This is SOOOOO annoying...

Fine... if I give you a quick smirk will you let me run around again?!

He didn't want to watch the game. He didn't want to play on the iPad. He didn't want to watch the mascots. Really all he wanted in life was some blue cotton candy. After force-feeding him minimal amounts of french fries and popcorn, we finally got him some freakin' cotton candy (also because he was determined to chase the cotton-candy-wielding-vendor all over the stadium while screaming like a banshee).  Finally! Peace. A happy boy, covered from head to toe in sticky blue sugar. 

That happiness lasted about 10 minutes, at which point I decided I had better cut my losses and take this boy home while he was still in the mood to willingly walk with me. After all, carrying a 30-lb spawn of Satan all the way across the parking lot is never my idea of fun. 

Thankfully we made it to the car without any tears, and he sat happily while I baby-wiped his blue face and changed him into pjs. He gave me adorable air-kisses in the car on the way home, and talked about how much fun he had at the baseball game.  That is, until we got home and he realized that Sissy and Daddy were still AT the baseball game (it was a double header). Another meltdown ensued as he loudly exclaimed that we should go BACK to the baseball game with them because... 'I LOVE BASEBALL!'

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Pawley's Island 2015

Last week we enjoyed beautiful weather at the beach with my in-laws, niece, and nephew. Parker is older now but still had a day of hesitation about the waves. By the second day though, he was charging out into the water with no fear.

The kids had great practice with the boogie boards, and had fun building sand castles and collecting seashells. Grandaddy brought a fishing net and taught the kids how to catch some little fish. They dug big holes in the sand and filled them with water to [temporarily] house their little pets. 

We enjoyed watching fireworks from our porch, overlooking the creek. We rode bikes around the island. And we spent lots of time together enjoying the nice weather and family company!

Cousin Love!

Beautiful sunset from our porch

Three Amigos

Trying to escape Grandaddy a.k.a. The Shark!

Beach Buddies

Tired little boy

All dressed up for dinner out!

Our little golf pros in the making!

I did actually get some time to relax...

Anxious for the pinata!

Everyone enjoys Grandaddy's magic show!