Friday, January 1, 2016

Holiday Happenings 2015

I originally planned this lengthy post about everything we did over the holidays, with lots of pictures and explanations. Then I realized it would take you, my dear readers, about 20 minutes to get through it. Who wants to do that?? So here are our top 10 moments from our two week holiday break, and then I made a pretty awesome video with pictures. Total time to read and watch video? Less than five minutes. Go!

Top 10 from Winter Break:
1. My DH had knee surgery, but recovered quicker than anticipated. Yay! 
2. My in-laws came to help with the kids while DH had surgery, and we also had a few nice days of visiting, game playing and present opening!
3. My parents also came for a nice three-day visit - more fun activities, lots of eating, and saw the GardenFest of Light.
4. Since we didn't travel at all for the holidays (a first in our 12-year marriage), we also got to see lots of friends - holiday parties, an impromptu Christmas Eve pot-luck, movie and dinner dates, game nights, and New Years Eve just down the street in our neighborhood!
5. Ainsley had a to-do list of thing she wanted to do over break, and we did almost all of them - including going to Monkey Joes (a bounce house place), baking cookies, play dates with friends, and lots of forced playtime with her brother. 
6. The kids have gotten so good at entertaining themselves in the morning that we both got to sleep in almost every day!
7. I bought and installed under-cabinet lighting all by myself. I'm awesome with a drill. 
8. I bought and wired a whole-house audio system all by myself. I rock. 
9. As you can probably tell, I got a lot done on my to-do list, which makes me very happy and gives me a sense of accomplishment. 
10. The best part? Having my husband home for almost a full month (after traveling for the past 5 months). We were so happy and lucky to get to see so many friends and family over the holidays - even with his crutches and gimpy knee. 

Now here's the really exciting part - a superbly edited video that I made. The pictures are all taken with my new DSLR camera that I got for an [early] Christmas gift. Enjoy and Happy New Year! 

[The YouTube version of this below has lower quality.If you want to get a better view, go directly to the video at]

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Lady in Waiting

So what does one do when one's husband is having knee surgery? One waits. One waits for a very long time in the waiting room. And what does one do in the waiting room for four hours? You're about to find out!

1. Take care of the most important piece of business: Post a status update on Facebook. All FB friends must be aware that I will be sitting in the waiting room for a very long time.

2. Catch up on the last two days of FB posts that I've missed. Re-watch the funny cat holiday videos.

3. Read the newspaper. Huh.... It's been a long time since I actually read the whole thing cover-to-cover... There's a lot going on!

4. Restroom break... cause I stopped at Sonic on the way here and got a 90 ounce Coke to keep myself awake.

5. Review the post-surgery instructions to make sure I haven't missed something important.

6. Start to panic that something will go wrong. What if he reacts badly to the anesthesia? What if he dies? How do I plan a funeral at Christmas? Okay, that never happens. He's not going to die from knee surgery... But what if his knee is worse than they thought and they have to amputate?

7. Spend the next 10 minutes going through various dramatic scenarios and how I would deal with them. Finally settle on the fact that none of these will happen and everything will be fine. The worst case will likely be that he will pass out in the car on the way home and I will worry about him falling over in the seat. I can handle that.

8. Look at watch. Only 50 minutes have passed since we walked in the door. This is going to be a long day...

9. The nurse calls me back. He's not even in surgery yet so I get to go visit with him while he waits. We hang out and try to talk about things that will distract him from how hungry he is. It's 11:15am and he hasn't eaten since 9pm last night. You would think he is dying of starvation right before my eyes. 

10. Time to go to sleep! They kick me out and take him back for surgery. 

11. Now what? Well, I brought two books and four magazines so I guess I'll start reading. 

12. Lunch break! Doritos, peanut butter crackers, and a banana. Watch some HGTV show where people are buying houses. Or maybe they are fixing up their house. Or someone is surprising them with a new house. I don't know - they all seem the same to me. 

13. The doctor calls me back for post-op consultant and gives me the scoop. Everything went well! They found a meniscus tear, fixed it, and also did some work on the cartilage. 

14. Wait some more while he's in post-op recovery. Read more of my book. 

15. Finally! Time to go home! Total time of waiting = 3 hours. Less than expected! Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers!

Friday, December 18, 2015

Ainsley's Holiday Program

What a show! The Lower School did a great job this year in their winter program. The theme was all about candles and light.  Here are some photos from the first performance (last night) and then a video from this morning's performance. You can tell she is tired by how many times she yawns during the song... 

 Kaelyn, Ainsley, and Nora

Ainsley, Sarah Grace, and Alyssa



And here's the whole performance! Sorry for the jiggly filming - I was trying so hard not to laugh! 

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Parker's Christmas Program

This time of year means lots of kids singing! Last week was Parker's program at preschool. We were lucky enough to get there early and get front row seats. When they walked in I mouthed 'I love you' to him. Unfortunately he doesn't know how to mouth words without saying them out loud. So he just kept [loudly] whispering 'I love you' back to me. His class sang two songs, and then all the kids in preschool sang two songs together. He was such a handsome little man. Enjoy! 

So much fun watching this little guy sing with his class.