Friday, December 12, 2014

Cutest Boy in the World

Parker had his very first school program last night. We tried to dress him in his new Christmas clothes in the morning for preschool but he refused to wear his button-down shirt (he's very big on comfort and casual t-shirts these days). However when we got home last night I told him that Nana had bought him the shirt and she would love to see a picture of how handsome he was when wearing it. He said 'Okay...I show Nana" and didn't hesitate to put it on. He looked so cute, and it was fun to see his whole class dressed in their holiday best!

He is younger than Ainsley was when she started preschool, and we weren't quite sure how he would behave in front of a room filled with 400+ people. But he was wonderful! He walked right up to the front with the rest of his class and never hesitated. They were in the front row and he sang (or at least mouthed the words to) both of his songs. After his class was finished, they were to sit down so the 3-year-olds behind them could stand up and sing their songs. But Parker decided to just stand for the entire program and turned around so he could watch all the kids behind him. Such a considerate boy. :-) 

This was when he first saw me as they got up front. 

Here are some videos of the songs he sang. Isn't he just the cutest boy in the world?

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Thanksgiving and the First Snow of the Year

Both kids had Thanksgiving programs at school. Parker had a 'feast' with his class of pilgrims, and sang a few songs for the parents. 

Ainsley's school had a musical Thanksgiving program. All of the kindergarten classes sang 'Timothy Turkey' - she's in the middle of the top row.

On Thanksgiving Day we drove to my parent's house in York. My mom's side of the family and my cousins were there. Ainsley and Parker got to play with cousin Kaitlyn, and we all had a fun day visiting.

It had snowed the day before and there was still just enough snow to make some snowmen - or in this case, a snow family!

Daddy and Papa headed up to hunting camp, while Nana came back to Richmond with me and the kids. I had to work for a few days, and then we all headed back up to PA for a few more days of hunting. Parker stayed with Nana at the lake, while Ainsley came to hunting camp with the rest of us. Although most of the snow had melted by then, Ainsley still had a great time hiking in the woods with Papa, making fires, and playing in puddles.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

DisneyWorld: Days 3-5

After some more conference activities, we went back to the Magic Kingdom on Saturday. Ainsley was rested up and ready for some more Disney fun. We finished the rides that we missed on our first day, and watched one of the parades. It was raining on and off all afternoon but it didn't dampen her spirits. We had a special dinner at Cinderella's castle, and she got to meet 5 princesses. You can imagine how thrilled she was!

Sassy girl!

Waiting for Pirates of the Caribbean

 We rented a stroller this day because she was still a little tired from being sick the night before. Plus it gave her a little place to escape the rain.

Dinner in the castle!

While heading out of the park we managed to meet Tinkerbell. There wasn't anyone else behind us so they got to talk for several minutes!

Our hotel was starting to put up Christmas decorations. 

 Some snuggle time on Sunday before heading to Universal Studios.

There weren't quite as many rides, but we did get to see several live shows. I think she actually enjoyed them more - plus she got to meet more characters! She collected lots of autographs on our trip.

After a quick nap we all spent some time at the pool and water slide. Sunday night I had another conference dinner, so Eric and Ainsley had a special date night.They made s'mores at the hotel beach, enjoyed dinner out, followed by ice cream. On Monday we headed back to Richmond. Although it was a whirlwind weekend, my conference presentation went well, and everyone had a fun time at DisneyWorld! We look forward to taking the whole family back again in a few years!

DisneyWorld: Days 1-2

Last week I presented at a continuing education conference in Orlando. Since I was already going to be there, we decided to have Eric and Ainsley join me for some fun at DisneyWorld. Parker stayed behind with Nana - he was secretly thrilled to be the center of attention. Plus the long days at the park would've been too much for him at this age - even Ainsley was exhausted. We had a great trip, and look forward to taking both kids back in several years when they are older!

After an exciting plane ride, she caught a quick catnap in the car on the way to the hotel. 

Shuttle on the way to Magic Kingdom

We arrived!

Daddy is very serious about the Toy Story arcade ride.

 Magic Carpet Ride

She LOVES Cinderella's castle!

We managed to get last-minute reservations at one of the restaurants that has character visits. She got to meet lots of Winnie the Pooh friends!

She really enjoyed the shows and parades. 

Since we were there the weekend before Thanksgiving, the whole park was decorated for Christmas. We got to watch a special Frozen-themed lighting of the castle.

I spent all day Friday at my conference, so Ainsley and Daddy had some special time. They played mini-golf and got to swim in the hotel pool. She was especially thrilled with the water slide. 

 The hotel had a Kids Club where you could drop off kids for dinner, crafts, and movies. We dropped her off for some kid fun while we went to out to dinner. Unfortunately she got motion sickness from watching some other kids play a racing game on a big screen (yes, really). So she was a little under-the-weather when we picked her up. But she got a good night's sleep, some extra rest in the morning, and then was ready for some more fun!