Saturday, December 17, 2016

Holiday Program 2016

The kids had their holiday program at school last week and were adorable as usual! The play was based on winter/Christmas stories and books. I am so proud of them for learning their songs, and especially proud of Parker for making it through his first big stage performance! See videos below of their songs.

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Hunting Camp for the Whole Family

This year was the first year that the whole family went to hunting camp at the same time! The kids had such a great time being with Papa and enjoying the experiences of camp life. Although the weather was not ideal, they still got to hike in the woods, roast marshmallows, and play in the creek.  Parker ended up staying the whole week with Eric, while Ainsley and I went back to school on Thursday. He had a great time hiking the property lines to put up posters with Daddy. Eric got a nice 8-point on Monday and the kids were happy that they got to be there for it. Although I didn't see anything to shoot, we all had a great time as usual. Thanks to Papa for always making this a special trip for us!

Watching Mike grill steak for dinner.

Working on her homework journal

 A hunting camp tradition - playing card games!

 What a nice deer!

Saw some nice turkeys while sitting in my ground blind.

Happy kids, happy Papa!

Helping Daddy clean his gun

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Thanksgiving Fun 2016

Grandma and Grandaddy Williams came to visit for Thanksgiving this year! We had some great time together at the house. Grandaddy took the kids to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts for one afternoon and they had a great time experiencing the museum. We also went and picked out our Christmas tree and decorated it - probably the earliest we've ever gotten it up!  Next stop - hunting camp!

There's my cute little turkey in the costume he made at school.

And here he was singing in the Thanksgiving Program at school. 

Daddy has already started growing his beard for hunting camp.

Nightly storytime with Grandma

 Three happy dogs - luckily Dixie and Blue didn't annoy Charlie too much!

They had a great time coloring the Thanksgiving tablecloth. 

We picked a good tree!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Friday, November 11, 2016

A Purple Family

If you ever have the odd opportunity to come visit our closets, you will find an awful lot of purple. Purple shirts.  Purple ties. Purple scarves. Purple boots. Purple dresses. Purple jewelry. Purple jackets. Lots and lots of purple. What better way to show off our love of purple than to get family photos taken, wearing purple in the place where we love to wear purple the most. Now that's a tongue-twister!  Luckily our friends got us hooked up with a wonderful photographer - and she happened to be in Harrisonburg over Homecoming weekend.  Enjoy!


Keep in mind she had bronchitis during this photo shoot... hence the lack of smiles.

Happy Homecoming!