Friday, November 11, 2016

A Purple Family

If you ever have the odd opportunity to come visit our closets, you will find an awful lot of purple. Purple shirts.  Purple ties. Purple scarves. Purple boots. Purple dresses. Purple jewelry. Purple jackets. Lots and lots of purple. What better way to show off our love of purple than to get family photos taken, wearing purple in the place where we love to wear purple the most. Now that's a tongue-twister!  Luckily our friends got us hooked up with a wonderful photographer - and she happened to be in Harrisonburg over Homecoming weekend.  Enjoy!


Keep in mind she had bronchitis during this photo shoot... hence the lack of smiles.

Happy Homecoming!

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Homecoming Happiness 2016

Well, let's be honest here. I wasn't entirely sure this weekend was going to happen. On Wednesday Ainsley came home with bronchitis so things were not looking good. But luckily she had some meds and pulled herself together (for the most part - she was on steroids so we had some anger issues to deal with...)  But it turned out to be an awesome weekend in Harrisonburg with friends and fellow alums. 

We drove up Thursday after work. The students open up Greek Row for trick-or-treating, so tons of families showed up on campus. The kids were excited to wear their costumes and get candy from the sororities and fraternities. 

We had some family pictures taken afterwards - you might see a few of them in our Christmas cards next month! We had an early night since Ainsley was still recovering, and we pared down our Friday plans so she could continue to rest and take it easy. Eric played in an alumni golf tournament, while the kids and I wandered around town and found some activities to keep us entertained. 

Playground fun!

Indoor mini golf?  Perfect! We had the place to ourselves!

Lunch at Five Guys, followed by Sweet Frog (only cause Ainsley had a sore throat...)

Friday night we had a babysitter come to the hotel so we could attend the Duke Club Wine & Food Pairing on the field. The kids had a great time with the sitter - she took them to the hotel pool and then made mac & cheese in our kitchen and they ate popcorn in bed. What could be better? Meanwhile,  Mommy and Daddy got to have some adult food and drink with our friends. Yes, it was cold, but how often do you get to drink wine on the football field??


Duke Dog!!!

Saturday we were up bright and early (a little too early after a little too much fun Friday night...) to attend an alumni association breakfast. Then we were ready to start tailgating! We had a great crowd and co-hosted the Richmond chapter tailgate as well. The kids has a blast, setting up their own little party on the field.

Always love a photo bomb by Kelli

Almost POTAA

Almost POTAA and Current POTAA
(President of the Alumni Association)

Jake and Parker - these boys are trouble!

The kids' private roped-off party area, complete with 'beds', games, and lots of pom-poms.

"No Jake, you missed a spot with those face tattoos"

Great spots for tailgating!

Watching the team arrive on the Dog Walk

My handsome men

It's Game Time!

The kids spend most of the game  gathering streamers and then tying them all over the hand rails. I'm sure the stadium staff loves us...

What an awesome section of Richmond alums - 7 families represented! 

We won the game 84-7 so I'd say it was a pretty great Homecoming weekend!  Go Dukes!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Halloween Superheros

This year the kids decided to be superheros - Bat Girl and Captain America. Although, let's be honest here. Ainsley only wanted to be Bat Girl because she got to wear some pretty awesome boots.  And Parker only wanted to be  Captain America if he could get the shield that goes with the costume. But, no matter the reason, we had some very cute superheroes to protect us on Halloween.  But first we had to carve our pumpkins on Halloween eve! This was the first year that Parker was really interested in doing it himself. They both still have some trouble with the carving part, but they enjoyed scooping out the pumpkins and tracing their faces on. 

Our neighbor's pre-trick-or-treating party!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Work Weekend

Last weekend we went north to help get hunting camp ready for the season. The weather was cold and rainy, but we got a lot done and had a great time spending time with my parents and other family friends. 

A good little worker! While he stacked wood, Ainsley swept the cabin.

Clearing roads and jumping in puddles.

She found a newt!

My little tree climbers.

A very tired little boy after a long day of work!

A tired dog too!

Making good use of our tailgating tents!

A Fall day on the lake.

Silly girl... in nothing but her long underwear!

An early morning visitor.

 On the way to school on Monday, Parker decided to draw some pictures of his weekend to share with the class. Sorry they are all sideways!
This is the whole family (with hearts) and the porcupine that we saw at camp (apparently it's part of the family now). 

That's hunting camp with a smoke stack coming off the top. 

Parker carrying wood.

And finally.... Parker shooting a deer. He made sure to use lots of red for blood splurting out (and for the fire coming out of the gun). This boy has such a vivid imagination!